July 12, 2011

MoVida (Melbourne)

By St

I've had this one up my sleeve for a while waiting for the new Masterchef season. Last season was a phenomena  and even though they are bringing more culinary big wigs onto the show this year and going to more countries (and oh yeah, blowing ch10's budget), the contestants haven't wooed me yet. Why the Masterchef talk (esp since many working in the food industry a la apprentices detest the show)? Last season, the only person to win an immunity pin was Marion, and it was against MoVida's chef, Frank Camorra. (Photo from: http://www.masterchef.com.au/masterchef-2010-episode-recaps.htm#). Ever since the show, I wanted to try the cornets but we were too full (damn paella) for dessert this time round.

George, Marion & Frank Camorra of MoVida (Masterchef Season 2, 2010)

Bocadillo de Calamares (calamari sandwich with Basque guindilla & mayonnaise) $6.50

Bomba (potato bomb filled will chorizo) $4

Grilled scallops with salmorejo, fried almonds & cauliflower $21.50

Pancetta con morcilla (confit pork belly, morcilla & poached blood plums) $23.50

Gambas a la sidra (prawns cooked in terracotta with garlic & cider) $22.50

Paella de Marisco (bomba rice cooked in seafood & saffron) $60/$95

The best dish of the night goes to... the calamari sandwich! Just so tasty, that mayonnaise sauce with the calamari is to die for. Biggest disappointment were the prawns which were very average and  overpriced. The pork belly was great and very filling (enough to share between 4) and the boys loved the crusty and juicy paella. 

There are several MoVida in Melbourne now, the original being the one in Hoiser Lane with the iconic graffiti walls outside, same one where Marion had her Masterchef celebrity challenge. It's a very small place with bookings for up to 6 peopler only.  You can try your luck at 'MoVida Next Door', literally  next door which doesn't take reservations. We went to MoVida Aqui which fits more and easier to book! Some really really fantastic tapas, some so-so and it can get pricey but would come here again.
Wok rating /5:

MoVida Aqui
Lv 1, 500 Bourke St
03 9663 3038

June 23, 2011

Tomislav (Darlinghurst)

By St

With uni eating up my words (and time), my blog entries will have a new twist- more photos! Unfortunately, this entry doesn't show my new direction in the best light (hehe) but hope you enjoy it!

Wanting some molecular gastronomy with a great view, look no further than opposite the Coke sign. On a platform sits Tomislav, a modern Australian dining that was the trending place in the foodie blogosphere late last year.

It is named after it's chef, Tomislav Martinovic, who has worked in the kitchens of Aria, Bennelong and The Fat Duck (Heston Blumenthal). Their signature dish is the O'Connor scotch fillet with the unusual roasted bone marrow- it won't be everybody's liking, to me it tasted like mushy adipose tissue (fat). A special mention to the thrice fried chips (inspired by the work of Blumenthal) that takes 9 hours to prepare- super crispy and chunky!

Complimentary bread & butter

Scampi canneloni- grilled scampi with raw cauliflower, $24

Basmati rice risotto with grilled Yamba prawns, chives & lemon zest, $22

Crinkle cut chips, $9

Braised Kurobuta pork belly with XO sauce, sweet corn & golden baby beetroots, $36

Pasture fed O'Connor scotch fillet with roast bone marrow & smoked potato cream, $37

Timmy liked the scotch fillet while I liked the pork belly but I must say, it was quite fatty!

Wok rating /5:

2/13 Kirketon Rd,
02 9356 4535

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